Safety Comes First

Siembra knows exactly what it's like to wait 5 (very long)  seconds for a website to load, only to discover the server you joined is delicate to hackers.

How? The host failed to provide you with the proper website protection, SSL certification.

 One of the most commonly known SSL (you’ve seen it before) is HTTPS. HTTPS is normally placed before the domain, and it is created to serve as a shield of protection when a user transfers (sensitive) data from one server to another. This is important because websites tend to hold valuable data such as credit card information, email addresses and passwords that can be breached by mischievous coders.  NOT having your information encrypted with a SSL certificate is not only harmful to the owner, but also to you as the visitor.

Second, we understand small business owners are heavily occupied with business responsibilities. The founders of Siembra know exactly what it is like running a business with all the weight on your shoulders. Every business owner needs a helping hand, or else at some point or another, we get overwhelmed and stressed, which often reflects on your business. That is why customer service and communication is the core of our business. We dive even deeper and also make your customer's life easier, by designing coherent easy to navigate websites and also by applying the infamous 3 click rule (A customer must find what they're looking for in three clicks or less). In return this is beneficial to us, you, and your customers. Siembra is constantly looking for ways to make everyone's life easier.



"The most important single thing is to focus obsessively on the customer. Our goal is to be earth's most customer-centric company"


- Blue Origin Founder, Jeff Bezos.



Unlike other designers, Siembra team is on the clock everyday. Thanks to the pandemic, our members work from home, meaning we receive and reply to messages every day, to ensure we remain in close touch with our clients. Our members are managed to be quick communicators and providers, whether this means updating a website, replying to messages, and having over the phone consultation.

Industry Focus

We remain fascinated on how important and crucial a website is for a business. We consider a website to be a business' digital home, and that is exactly how we treat it.

The internet is an extravagant ecosystem of web pages, business, organizations and agencies that all connect like roots stemming from a tree. All businesses from real estate firms, to bicycle shops, to restaurants and clothing brands, all share a common goal, which is to provide a service or product to their community.

No matter how big or small, promoting these services and products cannot be made any easier in this digital era we are living in.

This is where we step in.

 Siembra helps you, as the business owner, connect all these pieces together like a puzzle, from start to finish. We design a beautiful professional website for your business, which we personalize by gathering information from your business and your goals. We integrate strategic SEO content, submit your website to search engines, and integrate your social media accounts to maintain a close connection with your first time visitors. In addition, we maintain the proper SSL security, ASW hosting and regularly update and properly maintain your website, which essentially creates a lead-generating asset that will aid your company's growth.


We are based on fundamental values that ensure our clients are satisfied. We admire prosperity and value connections, but most importantly, our clients.


Our list of morals are short and simple:

Transparent- We value being honest and fair.

Responsible- We are always working hard and around the clock (We don't believe in luck).

Open minded- We are always open to new ideas and suggestions from our clients. This helps us gain more knowledge and helps stay updated with the latest trends. In fact, we tend to learn more from our own clients than the text books.

Customer driven- We are alive because of you, therefore you deserve all the love.

Established in Brooklyn, New York City, Siembra is a Website Management agency dedicated in helping small businesses grow by providing them with a complete and professional website, properly managing the website, and leading our clients the right direction. With over 5 years of business administration and marketing experience, we decided to fuse web design with our understanding in business. With our UI/UX design skills and website optimization services, Siembra is formed with the right qualities for the business- of helping businesses.


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Siembra is a website design and marketing management company that focuses on helping small businesses achieve their sales. marketing, and analysis goals. We do this by providing our clients a personalized website, marketing tools, and offering special resources needed to further grow their business.