Our Unique Approach

Our team works assiduously to create a customized email marketing strategy for each client. Instead of crafting and sending boring emails to customers, we prefer making a winning impact. Whether we’re promoting a sale or generating buzz around a new product your company recently launched, we write engaging, smart, and attention-grabbing copy that converts. By personalizing the emails for different demographics, we increase the chances of an action.


Our email marketing experts leverage A/B testing to ensure the copy resonates well with your target audience. By using top-tier email format, design, buttons, emphasis, graphics, fonts, and additional elements, we capture audience attention from the get-go.


Today, modern, concise, and direct emails make the biggest impact. Instead of using gaudy fonts and gimmicky graphics, we keep things professional—albeit exciting. This unique balance helps us lead your company to success with email marketing.


We don’t stop there. Our experts leverage cutting-edge email software and advanced strategies to boost your campaign. From automating emails to identifying and avoiding “trigger emails” like the plague, we do everything that works well and avoid everything that customers abhor. By perfecting this balance, we help your company achieve a high ROI.


We continually update our email marketing strategy for each client to ensure nothing’s outdated. The email marketing landscape is rapidly evolving and shifting on a daily basis. By keeping up with the latest trends and incorporating winning tactics into your strategy, we keep things fresh and actionable.


This approach has helped us lead countless companies to success with the power of email marketing. Will yours be next?

Professional Email Marketing Services in New York City

With the power of email reaching new heights on a regular basis, leveraging the widely used platform for marketing purposes is a no-brainer. By 2023, the number of global email users is expected to increase to a whopping 4.3 billion. That’s over half the population of the world!


In fact, research also indicates that for every $1 spent on email marketing, companies can expect an impressive return of $42.


Promoting your company’s products/services via email is a stellar way to reach new audiences, crystallize your brand identity, and become one of the leading names in your industry. However, successful email marketing requires a strategic plan that works meticulously.


At Siembra, that’s our job.

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Siembra is a website design and marketing management company that focuses on helping small businesses achieve their sales. marketing, and analysis goals. We do this by providing our clients a personalized website, marketing tools, and offering special resources needed to further grow their business.