We offer a complete set up of all you need to launch or upgrade your digital presence.

From web designing, to marketing, to content creation and customer engagement, we are here to help.

We Provide Everything You Need To Succeed

Website Design + UI/UX

We build clean landing pages and complete websites that are mobile responsive and professionally designed.


Every website is designed to be easy to navigate, strong CTAs and equipped with the 3 click rule.

We take colors, fonts, content layouts and words all into account that further strengthens your brand identity.


You don't even have to think about the pains of website management. We run web health checks, constant updates and make sure your website is running well.

If you need to add, remove, or edit content on your website, give us a 5 minute call and we'll follow your orders.

If you prefer to edit the website yourself, simply log into Wix with your own log-in credentials to have access to the back end. 

Maketing + Positioning

In order for your website to rank higher on search engines, we will provide you with a strong domain, followed by manually submitting it to the most popular search engines. 

Using practices such as special keyword SEO, SEM, Alt-tagging and URL Slug Optimization all help your website rank higher in the big leagues- fast.

If you already own a domain we may also (301) redirect it to your new site. 


Our websites are backed by SSL Certificates (HTTPS) with Privacy and Cookies.

Using Wix's strong hosting and advanced databases, your website will be clear of bugs and viruses.

Website Copy

We tend to rely on professional photography and videos, as it is in par with out standards.

We may provide your business with blog posts, contact forms, sign up/subscriber forms, events, blogs, and music.

With thousands of plug ins to chose from, you may include thousands of functionalities to your website.


Your dream digital store is built with us.

Starting with popular dropshipping integrations such as Modalyst and Spocket, you may accept payments, track orders, add products and market them on social media all in one dashboard. 

Target your audience with Google and Facebook ads, follow up on abandoned carts and keep customers updated with E-mail marketing.

Graphic + ContentDesign  

If you need a logo, or graphic design for your brand, you may include it in your package.

We also provide website redesigning, blog writing, video editing, Instagram ad post, infographics, business card designing and more.

With our professional photographer, we can take photos of your products, your location, events and find use of the photos for either your website, ads or social media.

Here's What We Can Help You With:

Update your visitors and followers with blogs. Wix blogs allows you to post blogs on your website directly with your mobile phone.

Your new social media

With all our plans, we offer free QR scan codes that are linked to any page of your website. Due to the rise of Covid-19, QR scan codes have been an effective tool for retrieving information, and accessing digital pages with your phone camera.

Contactless / QR Scan

If your business requires to set up appointments or selling tickets for events, you came to the right place. Download the Wix app to scan tickets and accept payments, all through your phone. 

Events & Tickets

In the third quarter of 2020, mobile devices generated 50% of global website traffic.

Don't get left behind. Check out our must have mobile features.

The perfect website doesn't exist, does it?

Have you ever texted somebody through your website? Well, welcome to 2021. Download the Wix app to text live visitors on the spot, with your own Chatbot integration. Answer important questions immediately, or if you catch a live visitor wandering around, offer some help directly.

24/7 Chatbot

If you sell products on your website, perhaps you should integrate it to your favorite social media platforms. Connect your Instagram / Facebook store to your website for a better sales process on your end.

Social Media Store

Get detailed reports on your websites performance. With apps like Google Analytics and Hotjar, you can track live visitors and watch how they engage with heat maps. This is a crucial integration that every website needs to 

Record Your Analytics

Complete and Managed Digital Marketing Services in Brooklyn, NYC

Digital marketing is an area where it can be super easy to lose touch. Pouring resources and money into outdated strategies that give you the ROI you need is a common pitfall, but with our lead generation company and digital marketing services —you’re in safe hands. We offer custom services to gain the attention of the specific target market you’re after with our team of marketing pros.


From the website development stage, we ensure that your UX is pristine and optimized for Search Engine Optimization, as well as providing an SSL encrypted security script to allow your users to browse without fear of cyber threats. We can also write content for your website and generate aesthetically appealing images with our professional product photographer, who can build your brand reputation from scratch.


Our content design and E-commerce team are equipped with cutting-edge digital resources to formulate a tailored plan that will help you meet your goals. From start to finish, our marketing pros communicate with each other and you seamlessly, ensuring that we act as an efficient team that takes the initiative to help your company thrive and grow. Contact us today to partner with us!

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Siembra is a website design and marketing management company that focuses on helping small businesses achieve their sales. marketing, and analysis goals. We do this by providing our clients a personalized website, marketing tools, and offering special resources needed to further grow their business.