SSL Security & SEO

Siembra, as a proud partner, uses Wix as our reliable server host. WIX hosting provides protection through CDN web servers giving our clients and your customers layers of security. 

We also provide every website with SSL encrypted security script. This allows our clients and your customers to process online payments without having to worry about fraud.


Following the laws of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), with the use of special keywords and competitive analysis research, our essential SEO services render your website to rank higher on search ranks. 

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Lead Generation & E-commerce

Siembra also crafts E-commerce websites, aiming to increase online sales which is ideal for growing your brand or online store. With rising transactions being done online and a 35% increase year over year, you can offer your service or product online and get paid directly through your website. Easy.

Stay in touch with your customers with important features such as search engine submission to Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, social media integration, E-mail marketing and Google Analytics. In addition, if you have work on Youtube or Vimeo that you would like to show off, send us the link and we'll upload it straight to your website.

Target your specific audience with Facebook, Instagram ads and Google ads all in one dashboard with Wix Ascend.

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Website Design & UI/UX

Siembra strives to help small business grow in the highly competitive digital markets. It is more important now than ever for a business to have a website helping to educate and assist a customer.

Our team is committed to designing professional, mobile friendly websites and constructing optimal content that engages potential customers for your business. 

Each and every website is designed for a purpose. By visually guiding your visitors and properly using fonts and colors, your website acts as a guide that leads your visitor to do a certain action. 

Website Designs By Siembra NYC

We Help Small Businesses Go Big On The Internet

Fusing website design and digital marketing, we provide custom built, fully responsive websites that act as a revenue generating asset for your small business.

Satiscton Guaranteed

Book appointments and calls with your built-in calendar

Create form submissions

Track website traffic

Accept payments

Create Email marketing campaigns

1,000+ plug ins to chose from.

Gain access to the back end of your website- you can also make edits/changes.

Web Design, SEO, Marketing, Digital Marketing
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You Gotta' See It  To Believe It!

See what you're getting before you pay. Request a free demo homepage with all the basic information, brand personality and special functionalities.

Submit our business form below to get started. 

Nothing more, Nothing less...

We work on giving you the proper tools for your business's digital needs.

Manage your website through your smart phone.

Write blogs, upload images, view traffic analytics, and much more all through your phone!

5 way to generate free traffic ebook

DON'T Let Your Website Sink On GOOGLE! 

What Every Website Owner Should Know

Discover 5 ways to gain NEW visitors to your website every month. This 10 min guide will show you 5 free ways to keep your website afloat, essential to grow your online presence and build sales.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to increase your website exposure on the internet

  • Where and how to get new visitors that can turn into leads

  • Help create your next digital marketing strategy

  • Remain relevant in the internet

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Proficient Digital Marketing Lead Generation Company in Brooklyn, NYC

Maximizing the impact of your digital presence is no easy task in a virtual landscape that changes as quickly as today’s does. That’s why we, at Siembra, are here to help small businesses make their mark in the communities and audiences that they serve. Trust our lead generation experts in digital marketing to understand your niche markets and ensure that your venture gets the attention and publicity it deserves.


We design, develop, draft content for, and implement your website from scratch — with trendy visuals and streamlined UX to give your online platform that extra boost. Our work as a lead generation company also includes researching and analyzing online search trends to optimize your content and website for search engines. Generating traffic and creating a flawless sales funnel is what we do best!


You can trust our time to work with you collaboratively because we believe you know your services, products, and brand best. Your vision and decisions take center stage, as our dedicated team works to consult with you on the technical details and plans based on what you believe is the best path to pursue. Enlist our digital marketing company in Brooklyn, NYC today!

Our Partners 

All plans include the following listed below:
  • FREE Website Demo (see your website before you pay!)
  • Customer Journey Layout
  • Custom Branding 
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Social Media Integration
  • Creative Marketing Strategies Ebook
  • Unlimited Revisions for 1 month (after purchase of Website Demo)

How To Buy Your Custom Website In Only 10 Days

Request Demo:

Fill out our business form to apply for a website demo

Discovery Call:

Schedule a 15 minute call to tell us about your business and goals


Receive & Revise

After our discovery call we will send a prototype of your website. We will edit / revise until perfection


Prepare For Launch

Finalize your demo website and officially connect domain to Google

Want to learn how to keep growing your business?


Read our blog for digital marketing tips, strategies and more!

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Siembra is a website design and marketing management company that focuses on helping small businesses achieve their sales. marketing, and analysis goals. We do this by providing our clients a personalized website, marketing tools, and offering special resources needed to further grow their business.