How To Turn Your Website Into An Asset

Updated: Nov 13

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Over the years, internet marketing has become a valuable tool for most business owners these days. Today, modern websites offer personal brands and small businesses the resources to earn an income and grow remarkably through their digital presence. It

Some practical tools like BlogSpot, WordPress and Wix have made it a lot easier for people to make money through their website. While turning your ideas, services, and experience into cash is a great idea, it requires you to focus on high-quality content and a massive amount of website traffic. But once your website is up in the search rankings, just like the roots of a tree, your website will maintain it's position for a long time.

Here are some ways to make money through your website:

Create Catchy Content

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Regardless of the type of website you own, it all comes down to your written content and its quality. Focusing on specific keywords and topics can greatly improve your website's exposure.

Google cannot see but it can read, and that's how Google promotes websites.

Your website needs to have an impressive catchy layout with high-quality content to generate exposure, which leads to income.

The best way to develop top-notch content is by determining and understanding your target audience, your core values, and what you expect your website visitors to achieve from your platform.

For example, if you have an e-commerce website, it should have engaging content to persuade potential customers through a purchase. Create an irresistible offer, guide your visitor through a journey on your website, and promote the offer.

Keep in mind the visitor needs to be engaged, or the visitor will lose interest.

Always make sure your website always provides a solution to a problem, whether it’s relevant information on a specific topic or a product / service to meet a customer’s need.

In general, a higher number of clicks on your website will increase your chances of making more money out of it.

Set Up an AdSense Account


If you have an online blogging website, you must consider setting up an AdSense account.

Many content creators have become millionaires through AdSense. They do this by placing ads from other businesses onto their own blog pages.

For example, if you're a bartender with thousands of blog followers who writes recipes about popular cocktails and their history, you may consider placing other's bar events ads at a charge.