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3 Common SEO Mistakes Businesses Make

Why is my  seo not working

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, the devil lies in the details. There are numerous do’s and don’ts associated with SEO planning, implementation, and execution, especially if you’re new to this world.

What’s most interesting about SEO practices is that it’s rapidly evolving. New algorithms, search engine developments, and optimization trends are introduced every now and then, keeping businesses on their toes about their digital marketing strategy. You don’t only have to keep up with the changes, but also make quick decisions to get a grip on SEO best practices.

Stats show that the fashion and cosmetic e-retailer, ASOS, sunk its profits by 87% by making grave SEO mistakes.

So, here’s how avoiding SEO mistakes and blunders can help you accelerate business growth:

  •  SEO best practices are the most effective way to increasing your organic search engine reach.

  •  Updating outdated website layout and content can increase your web reach by 106%! And more.

So let’s delve deeper and find out some of the most common SEO mistakes that can cost you your time, money and effort.

1. Poor Website Structure and Design

Stats show that:

  •  Over 87% of the online customers tend to ditch a site if they don’t find it appealing enough.

  •  40% of online customers will leave your site if it doesn’t load within the first five seconds.

  •  Site architecture is one of the most overlooked aspects of technical SEO. However, it’s an incredibly powerful tool that can be used to efficiently distribute link equity throughout your site. 

  • 74% of online users tend to skip a website if it’s not mobile-responsive.

Your site’s architecture, layout, and designs are some of the critical tools that help reel in more visitors and create a solid first impression.

To overcome the UI and UX shortcomings in your website, here are some tips to follow:

  • Spread link equity, equally over the site

  • Build a site design that boosts authority and relevance of a particular subject to your audience

  • Practice link building and topic clustering techniques to establish website authority Image Filename: SEO-analytics-reach- engagement-conversions

  • Image Alt Text: Different SEO analytics displayed on a laptop screen

  • Ensure your site’s homepage offers a clear, to-the-point summary of about your business

2. Not Taking User’s Intent into Account

I dont know seo

Stats show that over 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine. Therefore it’s extremely important to keep their search intent in mind. Businesses often fail to target the appropriate audience by not utilizing relevant keywords in their web pages.

Understanding user intent is an important SEO practice that helps you deliver relevant results to your target audience.

When you write content, you should plan to write it considering whether your visitor is ready to buy or not. Use specific keywords that are often searched for by "hot" audience who is ready to buy.

For example, studies show that search queries entailing the words “best,” “near me,” “where to buy,” and “right now” have grown over 125% in the last couple of years. And the best way to help online searchers is to create optimized, unique content and ensure it’s in line with the searchers’ intent.

3. Ignoring Local SEO

local seo services

This one’s particularly for small and medium sized businesses. Studies show that over 50% of SME's fail because they either rush their SEO strategy or neglect it altogether. Poor online ranking, not creating relevant content, and ignoring local SEO are some of the main blunders SMEs make that plummet their conversions.

If you want to attract customers in your business’s locality, optimize your website to include your business address, opening hours, contact information, and maps. Studies show that over 97% of users search for local businesses and over 67% of them disregard a business if they don’t find them online.

The best online directories you SHOULD list your websites are:

By listing your website on different directories, you expand your online reach to a much broader reach of audience. Think of it as stopping by a busy local town, creating a large sticker with your business info, and pasting it on a wall facing a busy street. Now repeat those steps in 10 other towns. Logically, you will expand your reach to a wider group of people in different locations.

Get started on Google listings, making your site mobile-responsive, and focus on local keywords to boost conversions!

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